New Video: In The Woods OOTD

Here is a short and sweet outfit of the day taken in the woods. The atmosphere was very autumnal and the leaves were just beautiful. Did I just call leaves beautiful? Apparently so.


Autumn in Black and White





Winter is approaching quickly, so I thought I’d make the most of the not-quite-freezing temperatures and get outdoors. It can be calming, taking pictures- I’d be interested to know if anyone else agrees?

Jennifer x


Here are some shots I got recently- let me know  your thoughts.


Red sky in the morning…


Shepard’s warning


Crab-apples looking autumnal.


Twisted branches



Let’s appreciate the beauty of a spiderweb.


I found a butterfly willing to pose


The shed.


Hello Mr Squirrel

I take photos as a hobby- just a bit of fun I guess… Although I was considering studying Photography as an A-level at college? If you have had experience in this area please share below.

Jennifer x

The Autumn Tag (including a furry friend)

Autumn: the season where the temperature suddenly drops, the colour of the leaves change, and the t shirts are replaced with jumpers. I wasn’t tagged to do this or anything, but I thought this would be a good chance for you to get to know me better. Please feel free to do this tag too, I’d love to give it a read. Let’s hop on in with the questions:
Favourite thing about Autumn?
The crisp-ness of the air. I love that! When the sun is shining and you’re wrapped up in a scarf and gloves. Of course, the cold isn’t always pleasant, but for some reason this not-quite-cold-enough-for-snow stage is what I love most.
Favourite drink?
Tea. Or coffee. I drink both regularly all year round, but there is something about drinking a hot drink whilst snuggled up inside, warming your hands as they defrost from the temperature of your mug, that makes it that much better.
Favourite scent/candle?
Baked goods. This includes cookie dough, cake, etc. *drools* I also love the smell of apples, in fact, I think I’m going to have to use the ‘crisp’ word again: crisp apples.
Best lipstick?
Any reds/corals/oranges! I think a bold lip colour completes an outfit, and just adds a little pizazz, setting you apart form the crowd, y’know? A particular kind of lipstick that I’d reccomend for the colder months (meaning dry, chapped lips) are the Revlon lip butters. We need that moisture! Alternatively, just use a good lip balm before applying that matte shade of yours.
Go-to moisturiser?
The Garnier moisture match for normal to dry skin (blue bottle) is my new morning friend when my skin needs a drink (every minute of every day). When I forget to moisturize, my skin feels all tight and horrible. Does anyone else get this?
Go-to colour for the eyes?
If we’re talking eyeshadow here, I’d say bronzey shimmery neutrals. I don’t own much eyeshadow at all, but I want to investigate the area. *browses online, drools over Naked palette* Basically the ‘I’m an Autumn leaf’ look.
Favourite music to listen to?
Right now I’m loving Passenger, John Mayer and Ed Sheeran. Anything along those lines is the kinda music I love to chill to after a long day.
Favourite outfit to wear?
Baggy cardigan, leggings, doc martens with knitted socks peeping out, a beanie, scarf and fingerless gloves. Cosy and snug as a bug!
Autumn treat?
Are we talking food? If so, where to start? Mum’s baking covers a wide range of yumminess: biscuits, shortbread, gooey ginger cake, etc…
Favourite place to be?
Outside. Being indoors whilst the sky is looking beautiful on the other side of the window makes me feel like an unproductive blob of nothingness. Even if it’s just in my garden equipped with my camera, I’m enjoying myself. Here is a picture that explains why I like being in my garden:
I don’t have any pets, so when the neighbor’s cat crawls through the fence and says hello, I get very excited. Cat’s amuse me. This little guy intertwined itself inbetween my legs and oh how it was fluffy. What’s that? You need more photo evidence? If you insist…
What a poser;)

What a poser;)

So that concludes this tag- share your thoughts in the comments ❤
Jennifer x

Everyday School Makeup Routine

Hello again! In this post, I aim to talk you through the products that I use on my face every day for school- defo ‘tried and tested’! Please note that I live in England and you’re not allowed to be adventurous with eyeshadow, lipstick etc. (If I could, believe me, I would).  Here is the end result:

everyday makeup for school

Let us begin. To start with I moisturize with the Garnier Moisture Match for ‘normal to dry skin’.


This stuff feels nice to apply in the morning- an appealing fresh scent. It absorbs into the skin well and generally acts as a good base before le foundation.

With that out the way, it’s time to conceal. I use the infamous Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (cheap as chips from Boots!) As you can see from the picture, mine is well-loved and needs replacing soon…Image


I dab this under my eyes where the dark circles lie, then use my ring fingers to blend out gently. This shade is a tad too light for me, but this can work to my advantage as it brightens my under-eye area nicely. I also apply this on any spots that decide to crop up. What I like about this concealer is that you don’t need much of it to cover things up. Considering the price, this really is: amazing.

Now that I’m looking slightly less zombie-like, I reach for the foundation- Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse in shade 21 (Nude)



I use my stippling brush (as shown in my Current Favourites post) to apply this. The texture of the foundation is as it describes- a mousse. Sort of bouncy to the touch, but turns into a powder when blended into the skin. The coverage is ok for me, but I wouldn’t say it would suit all- it’s quite light and doesn’t cover everything (unless you layer it up a bit).

To ‘set’ this, I use the Stay Matte face powder by Rimmel:


This does a great job at keeping my forehead shine-free. Sometimes I’ll bring it with me on PE days, it keeps me mattified between lessons 😉

Moving onto eyes… I begin with curling my eyelashes. Many people skip this step but I really think it makes a difference to the way your lashes look after applying mascara. I usually hold it down for 2-3 seconds, release, then repeat- on both eyes.


I personally don’t think it’s necessary to spend a fortune on eyelash curlers. These are just Boots own brand I believe, and they work fine for me! Although they do need replacing every couple of months- they start to pinch a little and excess mascara tends to build up which is a bit unhygienic.

I can’t be going to school with naked eyelashes now, can I? My mascara of the moment is Maybelline’s the Falsies ‘Volum’ Express’. The wand is spoon-shaped and does a great job at separating the lashes.



Now that my eyelashes are looking fabulous, I reach for the liquid eyeliner for that extra touch. I normally just do a simple line, a little thicker on the outside and thinner towards the inner part (no flicks for me I’m afraid). I always used to struggle with liquid eyeliner- who doesn’t?! I envy those that can glide it on effortlessly. I prefer the felt-tip type applicators, like Loreal’s Superliner Black Lacquer:


To complete my eyes, I like to line my waterline with a white kohl pencil. As long as you don’t over-do it, this can make you look more awake. I use Rimmel’s soft kohl pencil:



To make my eyes look even more awake (counteracting the tiredness), I use the pearly white eyeshadow from the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette as a ‘highlight’ in the inner corners of my eyes.



This palette was only £4, and the pigmentation is pretty good. However, the shades aren’t matte, which I know some people prefer.

Finally, we have lips. I like to moisturize them first with my lip balm of choice (I have far too many), which at the moment is this apple flavoured Chapstick:


This smells amazing. Now that my lips are soft and smooth, I apply a lip colour- a discreet-ish one. This isn’t the same everyday- sometimes i’ll throw on a babylips, but lately I’ve been loving this lip butter by Revlon:




This is the most moisturising lipstick I’ve ever tried. They glide on so smoothly! They have a wide range of colours to choose from too 🙂

So that rounds up my basic makeup routine for school. Occasionally I’ll change it up a bit- black on the waterline instead of white, thicker or thinner liquid liner, etc. I hope you enjoyed reading. Leave any requests in the comments!

Jennifer x

Current Favourites!

Hello little bugs, here is essentially my September favourites (WOAH WHERE DID THAT MONTH GO?!) but a little late. I hope you like the quality of the pictures; I’ve been enjoying using my Canon Rebel T3i to take ’em. Without further ado, here they are:

1) Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

ImageSo I am no longer a Lush virgin. I’ve always wanted this little guy, and it lived up to expectations. First of all, the smell- amazing. The fact that you can eat the damn stuff made me want it even more. This lip scrub gets rid of any dry skin around your lips- it’s exfoliation powers are quite something. After applying the sugary substance, you can lick off the excess (its basically bubblegum flavoured sugar). It was rather steep at £5.50, but it’ll last you a while- there’s a lot in the pot 😉

2) Maybelline Babylips



(from left to right: Cherry Me | Pink Punch | Peach Kiss)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know about these little tubes of joy- a selection of tinted lip balms with the yummiest of smells. The pigmentation is really impressive, especially the pink one, and they are moisturizing for sure. I recommend the red or peach one for school- subtle but scandalous ;D

3) My ‘mock martens’ …


So these are my fake Doc Martens from Primark (£15). I love the colour- perfect for Autumn, no? They are a staple piece that can be worn with pretty much everything: with a dress for a ‘grungey’ look, or leggings to be more casual. I like to wear thick knitted socks with these (folded over at the top), for comfort and style I guess. I wasn’t prepared to fork out a load of money for boots, so when I saw these I did a little dance.

4) No. 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in Hot Chilli


This is the the perfect orangey-red shade of lipstick, and only around the £4 mark in Boots! It has a matte finish, which I quite like, as long as you have moisturize your lips pre-applying. As the name conveys, it lasts. There is even a touch of glitter/shimmer in it ;D I recommend any lipsticks in the 17 range, they are affordable and pigmented.

5) Billabong Beanie




I found this little guy in TK Maxx for £8 (reduced from £25!). I don’t own any beanie-style hats, but I just love this. It’s so warm, soft comfy, and doubles up as a fashion statement! In my opinion, a hat like this is a staple for the transitioning season of Autumn, and moving into Winter of course. When your hair is looking a tad on the greasy-and-not-washed-in-days  flat side, this kinda thing is perfect. I also think they look great if you have a fringe 🙂

6) Real Techniques Stippling Brush




I’ve been using this brush to blend in my foundation (the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse) and it works really well. I find that the ‘stippling’ motion along with the formation of the bristles on the brush work together to create a ‘flawless’ finish- blending into every nook and cranny. I advise buying this from Amazon, as it’s a few pounds cheaper than Boots. Around £9 I believe.

7) Panda Slippers *ahem*


ImageSo these are a bit random, but I wear them all the time- whenever I get in that front door, these are on. These slipper type inventions are from the glorious Primark (around £2-£3), and the fluffiness on the inside means your feet will never be chilly again in these cold months. They also look really cute… who could resist those little panda eyes?

There we are then; my favourites as of recently that have now been shared with you. If you try/already love any of the things mentioned above, I’d love to hear about it! Please leave me a comment below 🙂

Hope you’re having a great day,

Jennifer x