You Beauty Advent Calendar 2013





It’s pretty big

After reading many a blogpost about beauty advent calendars, I just knew I wanted one for myself. The thought of gaining a new beauty product (even if it’s only a small one) every day for 24 consecutive days makes me sigh with joy. There were several to choose from, but it came down to price and availability (the Boots one was gone in seconds I swear). I went with YouBeauty’s offering, after the positive reviews. Mine took 4 working days to arrive, which is ok. I’m very excited about it, and it is so hard restraining myself from opening those cute little doors.

This size of this baby is impressive, hence the picture above to show some comparison with my phone charging on the left. It is also relatively heavy, which is good- there is definitely a load of products in there. I have resisted the urge to read the magazine that came with it (containing product information) and covered my eyes when there were spoilers in some posts; I want to experience that element of surprise, like a small child opening ickle presents on Christmas day. To sum up the packaging- beautiful. I think the white works really well with the gold accents, and the white bow is just darling. The only pet peeve I have with this is the flaps on the inside being slightly ajar. No peeping, I told myself, whilst pushing them down again. I think that the cardboard doors need a little something more to keep them secure. Each compartment varies in size, which creates a rather fun guessing game as to what you think would fit into that shape of a hole. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase, and can’t wait till the 1st comes around.

The You Beauty advent calendar is still available here (hurry!) for £49.95 and £4.95 p+p. Considering the contents are worth over £240, not too shabby, really. But I can understand if you find it hard to justify spending that much on an advent calendar.

And now I pose a question to you- would you like me to post everyday up to the 24th December about what is behind each door? I am happy to do it, if you’d like- let me know.



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