Kew Sprig Folded Zip Wallet from Cath Kidston

Today I will be sharing with you something I’ve been eyeing for ages. A good quality purse/wallet to see me through my shopping days and general life has been at the top of my mental wishlist for as long as I can remember, so you can imagine the pure joy I felt from opening this baby on Christmas day (thanks Mum and Dad!). Without further ado, here are the pics:








First of all, I’d like to state how well-made this is; you only need to take a look at the stitching detail to acknowledge the undeniable quality that comes with Cath Kidston products. The outer ‘oilcloth’ material is wipe-clean, putting my mind at ease (yes I am that person who is capable of spilling hot chocolate in their bag). It also adds a degree of durability- less chance of wear and tear in the years to come. Furthermore, the outer-part is cushioned, making it very comfortable to hold, and safe to throw in your bag amongst numerous items. When you undo the popper fastener thingamajig, you can see there is room for 12 cards, with 2 pouches on either side- great for stuffing receipts, bus tickets or other useful documents. I really like the fact that all of the cards can slot in without sticking out all over the place, which can happen with cheap wallets. The inside fabric is strong and thick- those cards are nice and secure. There is a compartment for notes which is spacious and can open quite wide. The zipped section of this wallet is divided into two sections for coin storage, with the wall across the middle being very sturdy and secure. One of my pet peeves is zips on products that don’t open and close with ease. Fear not, this is not the case here. The zip puller (technical term?) and strip holding the popper fastener (again, struggling) are brown leather, which adds to the quality of this piece. The size of the wallet is perfect in my opinion, large enough to hold all your cards and cash, but not so big that you can’t hold it comfortably in one hand.  

Overall, this wallet is very well-designed with many storage compartments to suit the needs of an avid shopper and general card/bits-and-bobs hoarder, with the prettiest, strongest and most durable material to not only look good but ‘does the job’ exceptionally well. I have high hopes for this item to last me for a long while! You can purchase this here for £28, or in your local store. Please let me know in the comments you’re best picks from C.K, and whether you love this floral land as much as I do.



2 thoughts on “Kew Sprig Folded Zip Wallet from Cath Kidston

  1. I got a Cath Kidston purse for Christmas last year. It is in the same style as yours but is blue with red roses. I seem to break a lot of things and spill stuff in my bag, but I think this will last forever so I take it everywhere with me. I also got a wash bag from them last year which is water proof, can hold everything I need and is just the right size for travelling xoxo

    • I do like the look of their wash bags, I need to restrain myself from browsing their website- everything is so pretty! x

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