Maybelline ‘The Eraser Eye’ Concealer Review

I for one do not get enough sleep. It’s something I’m working on, but until then, I need something to conceal those dark circles. I have tried a handful of concealers from the drugstore, but all seem to crease on me and stick to the dry patches on my skin (not a good look), until I joined the bandwagon and tried Maybelline’s offering.





To release the product you simply turn the barrel to the left, then sit back and watch the sponge fill with makeuppy goodness. It really is magical. I lightly rub the sponge beneath my eyes in a swooping delicate motion, which feels quite fun, not going to lie. The coverage is good, and most importantly, it doesn’t dry up my skin or do the awkward crease thing throughout the day. My Boots only had the shades ‘Light’ and ‘Nude’ but I believe there are more out there. Yay for a successful concealing product that only sets you back around £8!

What is your choice for concealing dark circles? Let me know.

Bye for now,





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