Revlon Lip Butter Review

I picked up a new shade of lip butter the other day in ‘Peach Parfait’, that was suitable for wearing at school- a ‘your lips but better’ kinda thing.




The colour comes across as quite shear, but I love the glitter in it- it’s not too intense, but it catches in the light. The formula of these lip butters is so moisturising, and you can definitely apply them quickly and without the requirement of a mirror, so great for on-the-go. It is one of my goals to own all of the colours of these lipsticks; they are just so nice. My only issue would be that they don’t last long enough in my opinion. I suppose that is why they don’t retail as lip ‘sticks’ but as lip ‘butters’, hinting they are more of a lip balm. The Revlon Lip Butters are available here (they’re on 2 for £10 atm!) where the picture displayed is wrong, but the product described is right (tut tut Boots).

What is your favourite shade in the lip butter range?



Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Review

Hello, today I’m bringing you a review of Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Foundation- something everyone and their mother have been blogging about.


Previously I have only tried matte foundations, which at the end of the day weren’t doing the dry patches of my skin any favours (The product would gather and cling to certain patches on my face). I’d heard a lot about this particular foundation aiming to give a ‘dewey’ finish or ‘radiant glow’- worth a try, right? Especially with how tired and dull my skin looks as a result of little sleep. It blends really well with my stippling brush from Real Techniques and it contains little glittery bits that shimmer in the light (don’t worry, it’s not too much) adding to the radiance and wide-awake look. As for coverage, I’d say it was medium. It conceals flushed cheeks and redness, but I’m still in need of a concealer to hide those blemishes. This foundation lasts throughout the day pretty well, especially with the stay matte powder, also from Rimmel. In my opinion, this product is best-suited to people with normal/dry skin. However, with a trusty powder that you can rely on, it can work for everyone.

You can pick this up pretty much everywhere, such as here on and there are six shades to choose from. I have 100 Ivory, which is the palest one available but still a little dark/orangey for me, but nothing that a bit of blending can’t handle. Have you tried this? If so, what do you think?



Maybelline ‘The Eraser Eye’ Concealer Review

I for one do not get enough sleep. It’s something I’m working on, but until then, I need something to conceal those dark circles. I have tried a handful of concealers from the drugstore, but all seem to crease on me and stick to the dry patches on my skin (not a good look), until I joined the bandwagon and tried Maybelline’s offering.





To release the product you simply turn the barrel to the left, then sit back and watch the sponge fill with makeuppy goodness. It really is magical. I lightly rub the sponge beneath my eyes in a swooping delicate motion, which feels quite fun, not going to lie. The coverage is good, and most importantly, it doesn’t dry up my skin or do the awkward crease thing throughout the day. My Boots only had the shades ‘Light’ and ‘Nude’ but I believe there are more out there. Yay for a successful concealing product that only sets you back around £8!

What is your choice for concealing dark circles? Let me know.

Bye for now,